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FreeWorld is a non-profit organization that gets ex-felons into high wage, high demand careers so they can live fulfilling lives, prison-free.


is designed

by ex-felons, for ex-felons.

Pay nothing upfront

You don't pay tuition until you land a job making at least $42k a year.

We've been through it. We know how hard it is to get your life back. That's why we cut the BS and get straight to what's important to you; a good job so that you can take care of yourself and your family. 

stay prison free

We provide all of the resources and education you'll need to change your path in life forever.

how it works


After application, our focus is stability. We connect you with housing, provide transportation, and get you your documents (birth certificate, social security card, ID). 


Our program and education is all online.

We partner with trucking schools to get you behind-the-wheel experience.


We continually place you into jobs for 3 years after graduation, repair credit scores, provide automated financial coaching, conduct transition planning, and help you build wealth!

Average time from application to graduation: 60 days.

our impact

In 18 months of operation we've 

  • Graduated 92 people

  • 100% employment rate

  • None have gone back to prison

  • $10.5M in re-incarceration costs saved

  • $2.5M in collective employee wages

are you ready for the freeworld?

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Phone: (209) 213 - 1989

Email: successcoach@joinfreeworld.com