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FreeWorld is a tech enabled nonprofit that aims to end generational poverty and recidivism by accelerating economic mobility for returning citizens.

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Welcome to FreeWorld

We know how hard it is to get and stay out; we've been there. That's why we've designed a program specifically for YOU. We'll help you get a job, take care of your family, and make sure you're set up for a lifetime of success, prison-free.
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Designed by those who have lived it.
We've been through it. We know how hard it is to get your life back, so we surround you with a community that pushes you forward.
Pay nothing up front.
You ONLY pay it forward to help other students earn a career when you make $3,000/mo NET income working in the trucking industry.
Stay prison free.
We provide all of the resources and education you'll need to change your path in life forever.

With so much negativity towards individuals with criminal records trying to get their life together and a good paying job, FreeWorld is a brilliant idea. And the best part is paying it forward to help the next person.


I felt someone truly understood me and the challenges I was going to face coming out of prison. It provides an excellent opportunity for us — with no strings attached — and gives us the chance to build our future even after the program is complete.


FreeWorld was willing to take a chance on me when no one else would have. They are giving me hope again... Now, I can step in and help support my mom and family with the new opportunities that FreeWorld provided.


Are you working to regain your footing with a criminal history?

Securing a well-paid job is necessary, but not our end goal. Putting you in a position where you are financially independent, can take care of your family, and have the tools to live a good life prison free? That's the goal.
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