Slack Rules of Engagement


Slack is a communication tool that we use. Through Slack, you can send and receive organization-wide updates on our channels and communicate privately with any student, graduate, or FreeWorld team member!

In order to create the best experience for yourself and others, please abide by the following rules:


  1. Be respectful - We don't tolerate disrespectful behavior. Depending on the severity, if a violation comes to our attention we may give you a warning or remove you from the program. 

  2. Put appropriate content in appropriate channels - The #jobs channel is for job related information. The #goodnews channel is to post good news about your personal and professional life. Please make sure that you make posts in channel based on the subject. This allows us to keep everything organized.

  3. Never post personal information in public channels - The means pictures of your permit, drivers license, etc. Only send those documents to us through a private, direct message. 

That's it! Pretty simple. By abiding by these rules, we can create a fun, safe place for all of us. 


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