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Before you apply, please read about our program to make sure that we fit your needs.​ 

Who are we?
  • We are a non-profit.

  • 100% of our company is staffed by ex-felons.

  • We are privately funded and take no government grants.


What do we do?

​Our goal is to set you up for a lifetime of success, by training you in jobs that pay well and teaching you how to grow your wealth and stay prison free.


Why are we doing this?

My name is Jason and I am the founder and CEO of FreeWorld.


I’m also an ex-felon.

I was incarcerated for a 1st degree felony (Aggravated Robbery) at the age of 15. I was given a 12-year sentence at a maximum security prison in Texas.


When I was released, I felt lost. The world had passed me by. Before I went to prison I had a flip phone; when I was released, everyone was carrying around an iPhone 3. The first time I saw that I said, “what the fuck is an iPhone.” Times sure had changed.


Parole required me to get a job. Every time I applied for a job I was denied employment due to my felony. The jobs that would take me, paid less than $10/hour. Stealing and dealing paid better than that, but I knew that the next time I went to prison, I would end up doing life. I wanted to find a better way.


Long story short, I’ve been blessed in life because good people invested in me, guided me, and believed in me. I earned a double Masters degree, started a few businesses, and I’m about to get married.


My life’s mission is to end mass incarceration. I plan on doing that by equipping 26 million ex-felons across the nation with the tools, education, and the jobs they need in order to live positive, productive lives.


Right now, that means investing in your education and getting you a badass job as a truck driver. That’s why we’re doing this. Because we all deserve a legitimate second chance.

You can learn more by watching this video


What are the challenges with reentry?

The reentry experience is incredibly challenging. I know firsthand. Here's some statements that you might identify with:

  • You're given $200 at the gate, but you have to spend $35 for a bus ticket and $65 to leave with your prison clothes. You end up at your destination with close to no money. 

  • You don't have a place to live when you get out and don't know where to go to get one. If you go to a halfway house, it feels like being in prison again. 

  • You can't get a job. If you do get a job, it pays $12/hr with little chance of earning more money and they treat you like crap

  • Once you get out, the homies hit you up and want to take you out for a good time, but you're on parole. By the way, where were they when you went in? No letters, no money on the books... you start to wonder if they're really your friends. 

How does FreeWorld solve this?


We "bear hug" each student that gets accepted into our program with resources and guidance to make sure you are successful.

  1. Don't have your documents? We will pay to get you your documents.

  2. Don't have housing? We partner with other non-profits to get you housing.

  3. Don't have a car? We've recently partnered with Lyft to get you where you need to go, free of charge. 

  4. Don't have money? We pay you a total of $2,000 to go to school.

  5. Don't have a job? We will train you to get a job in trucking that pays really well and continue to place you into higher paying jobs for a period of 3 years after graduation. 

How does all this work and when can I start?
  1. If you like what you see, fill out an application and a FreeWorld team member will be in touch to schedule an interview. 

  2. We review your application. If it looks good, we move forward with an interview and let you know on the spot if you're accepted.

  3. We get you your docs. If you already have them all, we move to step 4. 

  4. We train you to get your permit and give you money upfront to pay for the exams. 

  5. You get your permit. If you like us and want to go to trucking school, you'll need to sign a Pay It Forward contract (See next section). 

  6. You go to trucking school. You get $1,500 while you are in school and take financial literacy classes and career services classes.

  7. We get you a job and continue to place you into jobs for a period of 3 years to make sure you are successful and stay successful. You are surrounded by a positive community of ex-felon graduates. We help as financial advisors to make sure you stay successful. 

Whoa, this sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Once you are successfully employed, you have to "Pay It Forward" to help the next person go through school. 


3 months after you graduate, IF you net at least $3,000/month (after taxes and deductions), you will pay 10% of your monthly income towards the next student for 36 payments. If you are unemployed or you're not netting at least $3,000/month then you don’t make a payment. 

Example of when you would pay:

Tony nets $3,000/month. Because he is making the minimum threshold, he will pay $300/month toward the next student. 


Another example of when you would pay:

Jack is netting $5,000/month. Because he is making the minimum threshold, he will pay $500/month toward the next student.


Example of when you would not pay:

Adam nets $2,999/month. Because Adam has not hit the minimum threshold of $3,000/month, he does not make any payment.


Another example of when you would not pay:

Tim graduated, but did not look for a job and has remained unemployed. Because Tim has not hit the minimum threshold of $3,000/month, he does not make any payment.


Your payments go directly to the next person to go to school. We raise money from donations to help accelerate our growth.


As part of the onboarding process, we will hold a class where we will explain this in more detail, but feel free to play with our calculator below by sliding the dot in the middle left and right. 

Why are you asking us to Pay It Forward?

We've all made mistakes and hurt others. That's why we went to prison. When we get out, there are few programs out there that really take care of us. Think about where you are in your life now. Don't you want something better for yourself?

IF you are doing well and earning a really great income, I believe it's our duty to help our brothers and sisters who are still struggling to get on their feet. By working together, we can start to rebuild our communities, our families, and our futures. 


3 years is a long time to pay it forward. What are my other options?

We are not here to sell you on anything. If you take a look at our services and do not think it’s worth it, here are a couple of options you can take a look at.


1) Paying for it on your own. Below is a list of trucking schools, their pricing, and their services. *If you are on a mobile device, click the chart and move to the right.

2) You can also check out WorkNet. They are a government program to help people that are unemployed.


How much can I expect to be paid once I graduate?

Compensation varies by city and the type of trucking that you do. For example, someone in San Francisco, will get paid higher than someone in Stockton. Someone transporting hazardous material, will make more than someone transporting tomatoes.


Here are income averages that have been reported to us from graduates that have already gone through our program. 

Where is the trucking school located?
We pair you with a trucking school in your area to give you behind the wheel training. 
What type of candidate do we look for?
We're looking for self-motivated ex-felons that want a legitimate second chance and are willing to put in the time and effort to get there. That's right. If you have a felony, you're the right person for us. How many times have you heard that in your life?
We don't babysit. We don't put up with dishonesty. 
To join, it's simple. Be open, honest, and transparent with us. Show up on time, every time. Put in 100%.
Can you give us more detail about the services you provide?


  • Technology Education - these are the apps that you will need to be successful in our program. We will teach you how to use these. 

  • Virtual Classes - Training to help you pass the DMV permit test.

  • Career Services - Preparing you once you graduate.

    • Creating a resume

    • Talking about your criminal history

    • Applying online - Indeed.com

  • Living Stipend - We offer $1,500, paid out weekly while you are in school.

  • Truck training - We will teach you how to drive a truck and pass the DMV driving test. You start driving on day 1. 

  • Financial Education - how to budget, raise your credit score, invest, and conduct retirement planning. 

  • Referral bonuses - Once you are working, if you help someone get hired, you may receive a referral bonus if they stay for a certain length of time. Typically bonuses range from $200 - $1,000+

  • Additional endorsements - After you’ve been working for 6 months, we will teach you how to get additional endorsements that will help you get paid more. We reimburse you for the cost of taking the DMV exam or applying for TWIC. This does not increase your Pay It Forward contract. This is completely free if you are in good standing in our program.

  • Networking events - We schedule events throughout the year to meet with other graduates that may help you get into better paying companies.

  • Owner Operator Training - You may be interested in buying your own truck and becoming your own boss. We will teach you how.

  • 3 year job placement - We will continue to place you into jobs for a period of 3 years after you graduate. 


What we've learned

We've been testing and evolving this program for several years. Every part of this program has been designed to make sure that you are successful. We don't create meaningless hoops for you to jump through. Every piece of this company is built intentionally to help you get paid as quickly as possible. 

How we see this is, getting you a great paying job is awesome, but not our end goal. Putting you in a position where you are financially independent, can take care of your family, and have the tools to live a good life prison free... that's the goal.  

What next?

If you haven’t received a link for an application, you can apply online by clicking here.

If you’ve read this thoroughly, I expect that you will have questions. Write those questions down. We will answer them during the interview.

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Phone: (209) 213 - 1989

Email: successcoach@joinfreeworld.com