UX Designer

Job Description:

FreeWorld is seeking a design-focused, creative, and mission-oriented UX Designer that is interested in moving into a Product Manager role. This is a dual role that will require you to create UX designs and manage product development. The UX Designer will report to the CEO and is an entrepreneurial team member who will serve as a thought partner to help implement the Founder/CEO’s vision and strategy. 

The UX Designer will come with a design-focused background and is interested in moving into a management position. This person deeply understands our users, will respect the design choices that have already been made, and will continuously learn from user behavior to create world-class technology that is intuitive for the people that we serve. This person will work in coordination with our engineering team to conduct Quality Assurance (QA) tests on new technology that is being developed before it is launched into production. 

The UX Designer supports the CEO to understand our long-term vision and create a technical roadmap that the engineering team will follow. The UX Designer is a great listener, can take complex ideas and break them down into realistic milestones, and will measure performance. You are passionate about our mission at FreeWorld and understand the outsized and life-changing impact that your work will have to support our student’s success. 


To end the era of mass incarceration and generational poverty by:

What you’ll do:

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Where you’ll work

FreeWorld is a 100% remote company. 

Board of Directors

Hiring Process

  1. Read our FreeWorld Culture FAQ if you still think you are a fit… 
  2. Submit an application and cover letter. If your qualifications are a match…  
  3. We have a 15-minute introductory call. If we love each other, then…
  4. You complete a brief task related to the role (such as submitting a work sample).  
  5. You meet with a few additional members of the team for a full interview. 
  6. We agree on terms, pending references. I talk to a few of the folks that you worked with. 

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation for this position is based on experience, but we are targeting $90k - $110k.