Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

FreeWorld is seeking a creative, self-driven, vision oriented Full-Stack Software Engineer to support in the development of FreeWorld’s technology solutions.

You will work alongside our current Senior Full Stack Engineer that built and maintains our existing technology. Once we have a foundation in place, you will support in identifying additional key hires to build out our technology team.

At the beginning you will report directly to FreeWorld’s CEO and in the future you will report to a Director of Engineering.

FreeWorld aims to create the most comprehensive, automated, end-to-end online reentry solution to ensure that returning citizens have a fighting chance to live a fulfilling life, prison free.


To end the era of mass incarceration and generational poverty by:

What you’ll do


Where you’ll work

FreeWorld is a 100% remote company.  




Board of Directors

Matt Mochary  - Serial entrepreneur, VC, social entrepreneur, CEO coach
Jason Green  - Founder - Emergence Capital, Endeavor, Kauffman Fellows
Andy Bromberg  - Co-Founder and President - CoinList
Jason Wang  - Founder/CEO - FreeWorld


The compensation for this position is based on experience, but we are targeting $75k - $105k.

Our hiring process is 3 steps.
      1. 30 minute initial screen
      2. 1 hour interview
      3. (Up to) 3 hour project + interview with our Product Manager    
Remote Work Flexibility
Health insurance, dental, and vision coverage
Unlimited PTO
Fun, fast paced environment
Training and development
Creating tremendous impact at scale

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