Chief Operating Officer

Job Description

Reporting to the CEO, our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a strategist who will lead FreeWorld’s ambitious growth to scale auditing, enhance program operations, staffing, and partnerships. A sound businessperson and problem-solver, the COO will identify and fill gaps in staffing and processes, create and track progress with metrics across multiple projects, anticipate upcoming issues, and work with the FreeWorld team to focus on the "big picture."

The ideal candidate will have a background in successful operations management in social or private enterprises. Having demonstrated success in start-ups or fledgling teams, the COO will evaluate and implement strategic plans that improve the recruitment and retention of returning citizens and enhance our current revenue streams. The COO is always eager to improve culture and update operations, programs, processes, and organizational practices to create a space where staff will feel valued. The candidate is a natural leader with a strong ability to prioritize goals, right-size management tools (considering current and future organizational capacity), and understand how data and metrics can be used to measure programs against FreeWorld OKRs. 


Organizational Leadership & Growth

Performance & Evaluation Implementation and Reporting (P&E quality assurance)



Where you’ll work

FreeWorld is a 100% remote company. 

Board of Directors

Hiring Process

  1. Read our FreeWorld Culture FAQ if you still think you are a fit… 
  2. Submit an application and cover letter. If your qualifications are a match…  
  3. We have a 15-minute introductory call. If we love each other, then…
  4. You complete a brief task related to the role (such as submitting a work sample).  
  5. You meet with a few additional members of the team for a full interview. 
  6. We agree on terms, pending references. I talk to a few of the folks that you worked with.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation for this position is based on experience, but the range is $160k-$200k.